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Ana Bedard

Ana is a seamstress and designer. She feels most beautiful in photos where she looks sad. She loves clothing that is stands out because art shouldn’t just be for walls.

She also believes that the fashion industry needs to be revolutionized. Right now every layer is harmful. Superficially, most clothing is boring and unflattering. Everybody knows it. Every day when she works doing alterations she hears at least one person complain that they don’t make clothes like they used.

There are bigger problems also. The fashion industry still only offers malnourishment as the only route to beauty. Companies exploit labour to mask the true cost of clothes. This disproportionately effects women. Finally the fast fashion industry harms the earth and is worsening the global climate crisis.

Ana wants to be part of a fashion revolution where clothes become an aesthetic pleasure. She wants all women to feel free to express themselves through style. She wants to help make the landscape of fashion a little less terrible.

Currently Independent Contractor for:

Rose’s Alterations, 2019

Dance En L’air, 2019