Mid-week Inspiration - Ulyana Sergeenkov

While I have been having fun expanding my design portfolio I have been struggling to really find my voice of my aesthetic or my voice as a designer. I would love to create an atmosphere with my clothing. I play with different ideas. lately I have been fantasizing to imagine I my “designer self” as a character who maybe was born in the 1930s, jumped forward in time, and just got incredibly into all the options and colours that are possible to make now and so her designs end up being a kind of mishmash that somehow always maintain the air of a past era. It’s a lovely story but then I find myself falling in love all over again with the exposed bras of the nineties or huge fusha bridesmaids dresses of the eighties and the story kind of falls apart. 

But if anyone can show why it’s worthwhile having a coherent design aesthetic it Sergeenkova. Her designs bring me to an alternate reality where the tsars survived through to the modern day. Hers are the dresses of Katya Middletonova. I am also perpetually impressed of someone who can make bell sleeves and high frilly collars look utterly modern.